Research Grants and Contracts

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College of Engineering faculty pursue external funding of their research. Below is a list of the College’s research grants and contracts for 2022.

2/14/22 Steven Sandoval (Electrical and Computer Engineering), “Collaborative Faculty and Student Research in Signal Processing and Machine Learning”, Sandia National Laboratories, $65,562

2/7/22 Abdessattar Abdelkefi (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), “High and Low Fidelity Representations and Uncertainty Quantification of Pipelines Conveying Fluid (Tim A.)”, Sandia National Laboratories, $25,000

2/7/22 Abdessattar Abdelkefi (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), “Vibratory Energy Harvesting Absorbers: Multi Fidelity Nonlinear Modeling and Performance Enhancement - Tyler A”, Sandia National Laboratories, $25,000

2/7/22 Seyedhamidreza Alaie (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), “Film-Like Acoustic Microresonators for Wireless Monitoring of Intracardiac Pressure Using Ultrasound”, US Department of Health & Human Services/National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences/NIH(DHHS), $170,772

2/1/22 David Mitchell (Electrical and Computer Engineering), “CAREER: Sparse Graph-Based Codes for Network Data Compression”, NSF, $81,688 (part of $436,204)

1/31/22 Yanxing Wang (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), “ERI: Shear-Flow-Driven Coupled Mechanisms as a Means to Actively Control Particle Dissolution”, NSF, $193,274

1/28/22 David Voelz (Electrical and Computer Engineering), “Novel Characterization Measurements and Meterological-Driven Modeling of Turbulence and Refraction in the Lower Atmosphere for Directed Energy Applications”, US Department of Defense/Office of Naval Research, $315,500

1/25/22 Hongmei Luo (Chemical and Materials Engineering), “Electrochemical Methods for Direct Recycle of End-of-life Lithium Ion Battery Cathodes”, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, $80,195

1/24/22 Vimal Chaitanya (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), “LANL: Academic Collaborations in Sustainability and Security”, Triad National Security, $40,000

1/18/22 Brad Weldon (Civil Engineering), “UHPC Bridge Phase V”, New Mexico Department of Transportation, $50,000

1/15/22 Krishna Murty Kota Venkata (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), “Toward a Compact, High-Performance Cryogenic Heat Recuperator by Exploring a New and Unexploited Flow Phenomenon in Wavy Channels”, NASA-NSpires, $230,554

1/14/22 Laura Boucheron Spence (Electrical and Computer Engineering), “An Investigation of Automated Detection of Coronal Holes”, NASA-NSpires, $35,141

1/12/22 Andreas Gross (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), “Large-Eddy Simulations for Study of Aero-Optics Due to Turbulent Boundary Layers at High Mach”, Sandia National Laboratories, $50,693

1/11/22 Abdel-Hameed Badawy (Electrical and Computer Engineering), “Performance Prediction Toolkit: CPU and GPGPUs”, Triad National Security, LLC, $200,000

1/7/22 CEMRC, “Volatile Organic Compound and Hydrogen/Methane Analyses 2017”, Nuclear Waste Partnership LLC, $60,000