Engineering Transfer Policy

Policy for engineering majors enrolling in courses at other institutions to Meet College of Engineering Departmental Core Requirements1.

1. NMSU Policy Manual Chapter 6, section 89, paragraph A. “The decision to award a student credit for work completed at another institution rests with the faculty.”

2. NMSU main campus engineering majors may take core classes at other institutions of higher education to meet NMSU College of Engineering Departmental Core if the NMSU core course cannot accommodate any more eligible students.

3. The following conditions and restrictions apply to any course not taken on the NMSU main campus.

  •  The department must approve the course prior to enrollment.
  • The course must be a class in a program that is accredited by the accreditation commission of ABET, Inc.
  • The course must be substantially the same as the equivalent NMSU class and student must have satisfied all NMSU prerequisite requirements.
  • The student shall provide a corresponding course syllabus and any other documentation required.
4. The following condition applies to any on-line course not taken from the NMSU main campus.
  •  Scheduled exams, if any, shall be proctored2.

1Core requirements are defined as required departmental, discipline-related, courses within the major.

2The student may choose to have NMSU proctor Exams.

For more information about transferring to New Mexico State University from another institution, visit the NMSU Transfer Center.