Engineering Fee

One-time only funds are not sufficient to keep up with the changing technology and the recurring needs of the updated, world-class engineering education that New Mexico State University offers. Engineering education is more expensive to deliver than most other disciplines, as engineering education requires the use of modern laboratories and current technology. To ensure that the NMSU College of Engineering maintains the capacity to teach efficiently and effectively, a $145 technology fee will be charged to each student per semester.

This fee will allow the College of Engineering to support and increase access to advanced technology, meet the needs of engineering education with less reliance on state funds, help ensure that the college will maintain quality instructional laboratories that are up-to-date and increase the college's ability to leverage private support.

This fee is supported both by the Dean's Advisory Council and Engineer's Council. As per the College of Engineering's agreement with the Engineer's Council, the College of Engineering will provide up-to-date documentation of the technology fee. These documents include all correspondence between the College of Engineering, Engineer's Council and the university. In addition, documentation of projected budget items and expenditures will be updated and summarized on an annual basis.

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Projected Budget Items and Expenditures: