Academic Integrity and Academic Misconduct

The College of Engineering expects the highest level of integrity from students and takes academic misconduct or dishonesty seriously. Academic misconduct can take many forms, including cheating, plagiarism, or unauthorized possession of exams, lab materials, or other course-related materials.  

Suspicions of misconduct will be thoroughly investigated; students found guilty of academic misconduct will be subject to disciplinary action.  These penalties may mean failing a class, failing an assignment or result in a suspension from NMSU. 

Part of your engineering education includes holding yourself to high ethical standards.  We expect this honesty and integrity during your education, and know that you will continue the practice of ethical professionalism when you graduate and move into the world as an Aggie Engineer. All students should be aware that the College of Engineering has a “two strikes and you are out” policy regarding academic misconduct - two documented offenses of academic misconduct on a student’s part will result in their immediate suspension from NMSU for a minimum of one year.

College of Engineering Academic Integrity Module

Academic Misconduct Instructions

Academic Misconduct Report Form