About the College

Since its beginning in 1888 as a land-grant institution, NMSU’s College of Engineering has been a leader in preparing students for rewarding careers and performing cutting-edge research. Today, we offer 23 undergraduate and graduate degree programs and continually update our curriculum to meet the changing needs of the high-tech world.

One of our greatest strengths is our extensive research program and our work in several areas have gained widespread recognition and garnered millions of dollars of funding. Building on our strengths, we are actively pursuing projects that contribute toward engineering solutions that will help people and the planet thrive.

We are currently participants in five major national engineering research programs:

Our diverse offering of degree programs gives high-tech employers a broad selection of engineering talent. We foster the entrepreneurial spirit in our students through the Aggie Innovation Space, equipped with the latest technology, where students can work on projects and receive assistance from their peers. The Learning Communities in Engineering offers tutoring in all engineering subjects and mentoring to students. Students have for their use a number of well-equipped laboratories and research facilities.

The quality of our graduates and fac­ulty, the strength of our scholarly programs, along with our contributions to developing the engineering workforce of the future are essential in meeting the challenges of a high-tech future.

Our partnerships with numerous industry partners, Sandia and Los Alamos National laboratories, the Air Force Research Laboratory, White Sands Missile Range and Spaceport America strengthen relevance and application of our programs both in and out of the classroom, ensuring a strong demand for our students following graduation.