Statements for Syllabi


  1. Student Accessibility Services and  non-discrimination language may be found at
  2. Six-week Grades:

A Six-Week Early Performance Grade for this course will be posted no later than MM/DD/2016.  You will be able to access your grade through your MY.NMSU.EDU under the Student Tab: Click on Student Record / Midterm Grades.

In this class the Six-Week Early Performance Grade will reflect your performance on about Y% of the total graded work in this course.  If you are doing well, congratulations on your success – but be mindful that there is still a significant portion of the graded work yet to be completed.  If you are doing poorly, or not as well as you would like, please meet with me to discuss how you can improve.  If you have concerns about your progress in multiple courses and need to consider a schedule change, meet with your academic advisor.  The last day to withdraw from a full term Spring semester course is March 28, 2016.

  1. Cheating:

The College of Engineering has a Two Strikes You’re Out policy for academic misconduct. This means that a student will be suspended after being found guilty of two academic misconduct cases. Suspensions last for one year. A strike can count from academic misconduct occurring in any college. The Academic Misconduct Policy may be found at:

  1. Additional Regulations:

Additional regulations may be found in the catalog regulation section at; the catalog College of Engineering section at, and catalog College of Engineering Department sections. The latest online catalog information from these sections, in addition to this syllabus, serve as your contract with the College of Engineering.