Aggie Ingeniero, October 2022


Allow me to indulge on the theme of mentoring. To fulfill NMSU’s three-pronged land-grant mission (teaching, research and service), our faculty and staff are involved in multi-tasking which is often stressful and never-ending. I have always found it to be of help to be mentored by those who are on different paths from mine. There’s glamor in the thought of leading. We often forget that great leaders are followers as well. They mentor and get mentored all the time. They help and seek help. There are events and circumstances in our careers for which we are uniquely qualified to lead others because we faced them in the past and those around us are facing them for the first time now. By the same token, there are those situations in our lives which we are facing for the first time and those around us are familiar with them and are qualified to lead us. Our individual experiences and circumstances are so unique that we would be better off if we are open to the idea of being both leaders and followers. I seek help; hence I am fortunate enough to find some great mentors all around. I am grateful for this help; hence I am always willing to mentor those around if the situation so warrants. I believe “From whom I follow to those who follow me” is a wonderful mindset. I encourage all of our NMSU engineering stakeholders give this a try.


Dean Lakshmi N. Reddi
Dean, College of Engineering


NMSU among universities in new NSF program for Resilient and Intelligent NextG Systems

New Mexico State University is leading one of the 37 projects funded by a partnership led by the National Science Foundation containing two other government agencies and several high-profile corporations in what the NSF calls its “single largest effort to date to engage public and private partners to jointly support a research program.” Read More >>

NMSU engineering awarded $1 million grant to create hypersonics research center

The New Mexico State University College of Engineering is creating a niche in hypersonic research and education, and the United States Department of Defense has granted NMSU a $1 million, two-year Defense Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research or DEPSCoR Award. Read More >>

NMSU engineering professor named president-elect of cytometry society

New Mexico State University Chemical and Materials Engineering Professor Jessica Perea Houston was recently voted into the position of president-elect of the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry. Read More >>

NMSU to collaborate on $8.5 million DOE grant to reduce nuclear reactor waste


NM Capstone competition gives students an understanding of national security work by Sandia National Laboratories


NMSU engineering leadership students give new life to campus community garden

“For engineers, the only difference between a job and community service is … not getting paid for it,” said Emeritus Engineering Professor Kenny Stevens. “It’s kind of cool,” he added. Read More >>


NMSU’s Atomic Aggies take Chile Cup in Spaceport America Cup



Modernized NMSU Geomatics/Surveying Engineering program receives fourth national prize

The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying awarded its 2022 Surveying Education Grand Prize to the New Mexico State University Geomatics/Surveying Engineering program. The $25,000 grand prize is the second received by NMSU, the first awarded in 2019. Read More >>