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Former electrical engineering professor releases new book


“Amateur Radio General Class Licensing,” written by former New Mexico State University electrical engineering Professor Stephen Horan, has just been published. The book is a study guide for the Federal Communication Commission license examinations for 2023 through 2027. It is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle (ISBN-13:979-8378047789).

The General Class license is the second step in the US Amateur Radio licensing process. Operators can access more bands and modes with the General Class license privileges to expand their communications horizons. The General Class builds on the Technician Class knowledge with a greater emphasis on operating on the High Frequency (HF) bands and the operating characteristics of those bands. Horan has written a number of books on the subject.

Horan, NM4SH, has been a licensed amateur for over 25 years. During that time, he helped develop and lead weekend licensing classes with the Mesilla Valley Radio Club in Las Cruces, NM. Now, he mainly operates with digital modes from his home in Virginia. He is member #1501 of the PODXS 070 Club, has the Loyal Order of Narrow-banded Phase-shifters (LONP) certificate #266, and is an ARRL-certified Volunteer Examiner.

Horan was a professor at NMSU for 23 years. He served as electrical and computer engineering department head for a period during that time. Following that he spent 12 years as an engineer for NASA, including four years as an RF spectrum manager.