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NMSU’s Engineering Student Council wins Best Large Council at national summit

The Engineering Student Council at New Mexico State University has won the coveted award for Best Large Council at the 2023 National Association of Engineering Student Councils Engineering Leadership Summit. The award recognizes the council’s outstanding efforts in promoting leadership, community service and academic excellence among engineering students.

“This is an amazing accomplishment for us,” said Addison Miller, NMSU ESC director of internal affairs. “It really shows that we, as a minority serving institution and representatives of NMSU, are doing great work and providing our students with the best opportunity possible.”

The NAESC is a nonprofit organization that aims to foster leadership and professional development among engineering students across the United States. The organization hosts an annual summit where engineering student councils from universities across the country gather to share best practices, learn from experts and participate in leadership activities. This year’s event was held at the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, March 24-25.

“I was honored for us to be selected as Best Large Engineering Council at our first NAESC Conference because it just shows how hard the E-Council board, and all engineering student organizations work outside of academics,” said J-D Soltero, NMSU ESC president council. “It shows we have accomplished our goals and more to help give engineering students the best opportunities and student life here at NMSU.”

This year, the NMSU Engineering Student Council stood out among its peers for its exemplary leadership, dedication to community service and commitment to academic excellence. The council, which is composed of undergraduate students from all backgrounds of engineering, organizes a wide range of activities throughout the year to support its members and engineering education.

“Not only is it about planning events and giving students updates about what is going on in the college, but it’s also about advocating for small clubs, it’s leading, helping groups and individuals to meet their goals,” said Marie Ruiz, NMSU ESC vice president.

The council is also actively involved in community service, organizing volunteer events and outreach programs to promote STEM education among young students in the community. Through its partnership with local schools and nonprofit organizations, the council has been able to inspire the next generation of engineers and create a positive impact in the community.

In addition to its community service initiatives, the council also promotes academic excellence through its various academic and professional development programs. The council, through its organizations, hosts workshops, seminars and networking events to help students enhance their skills and connect with industry professionals.

“My favorite part of e-council is being able to help student organizations and to host events on campus,” Miller said. “The creativity of the events and the students who help to put them on and participate are very creative and make the events truly what the events should be. There is nothing better than helping others achieve their goals while you are working on yours.”

These programs have been instrumental in helping NMSU engineering students succeed academically and professionally.

“Our students have the opportunity to gain valuable experiences through these organizations and its reflected not only on their resumes, but in the fact many of them have multiple job offers before they graduate,” said Lakshmi Reddi, College of Engineering dean.

The College of Engineering prioritizes students and keeps their future at the forefront of everything they do.

“Being selected as the Best Large Council of 2023 wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the unmeasurable support from our college, professors, community, but most importantly from our peers,” Ruiz said. “With the hard work of every club and officers, we were able to take home an award that showed it. I am proud to be a part of New Mexico State and I am proud be a part of the Aggie Engineers family.”

The Engineering Student Council plans to host next year’s Summit in Las Cruces and is working closely with the College of Engineering leadership staff to make it happen.

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