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Legacy of Sociedad de Ingenieros

I am very pleased that the College of Engineering will once again
hold its 33-year-old graduation tradition in person following two
years of virtual ceremonies due to the COVID epidemic. Our
Sociedad de Ingenierosceremony is among the the most
gratifying events for our students and also for those who have
been involved in their path toward earning their degrees.

The Sociedad de Ingenieros was established in 1989 at NMSU by
deans and department heads of the College of Engineering.
Dedicated to the graduating class of engineers, the society
affirms the importance of future contributions they will make to society while practicing their

At each ceremony, eminente members who have distinguished themselves in the field of
engineering and serve as role models for new graduates are inducted into the society. Eminentes
hold one of the college?s highest honors.

I've become fond of this unique and meaningful ceremony during my tenure at NMSU. I am
looking forward to a live ceremony to cap this spring semester and usher in a new cadre of
engineering graduates to the next exciting phase of their lives.