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Leisure time is important to our mission

Leisure time is important to our mission



Do you find leisure to do some real thinking?

Rabindranath Tagore, the great poet and Nobel Laureate of India, puts poetically the requirement of leisure for perception of truth:


“It [truth] has its atmosphere of infinity in a width of leisure across which come invisible messengers of life and light, bringing their silent voices of creation.” (Tagore, Selected Essays, Page 321). 


I have not seen anything more powerful than this to describe the need for leisure if we are to engage in creative and scholarly activities.  In a rush to produce, and get it over with’ we often miss golden opportunities to interact with the voices of creativity within and external.  


We have a lot going on in CoE at NMSU, but let’s find some leisure now and then, interact with each other, and have fun along the way.