Thomas and Brown Hall: Rebuilding the Past to Create a Better Future


The College of Engineering is pleased to announce that plans are progressing for replacing the nearly 50-year-old Thomas and Brown Hall. The new facility opens up possibilities to reconfigure the College of Engineering complex. The new building will continue to be home to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. It will also be home to engineering high-tech research laboratories, the Aggie Innovation Space giving students access to state-of-the art resources, and the Eloy Torrez Family Engineering Learning Communities providing tutoring and mentoring resources to students. At the same time, it will provide welcomed changes to nurture cross-disciplinary, collaborative and distance learning that promote student success to engineering students and all NMSU students.

The guiding principles for the need and design of this facility is to support and expand the student-centric culture in the College of Engineering that is as old as the college itself. It all began in the early 20th century with Ralph Willis Goddard, pioneer of radio transmission.

Goddard started the student-centric DNA of this college that has persisted for over a century now, with the same underlying themes and challenges. This new facility has been planned to be a beacon for those values across the NMSU campus.

Contributions and ideas supporting this initiative may be directed to Adrian Bautista, College of Engineering development officer,  (575) 646-2552.


You may see our vision by scrolling below or download the PDF here