Spring 2019 Request for White Papers

The College of Engineering’s Office of Engineering Research (OER) is soliciting white papers from faculty research groups requesting financial support for systematic proposal development efforts ultimately leading to participation in a National Science Foundation (NSF) multi-university, engineering research center (ERC).

It is anticipated that such an award would be $25,000 – $50,000 per year for up to five years. It is expected that this multi-year commitment by the College of Engineering will result in a series of growing awards to the group and lead to major participation in a multi-university ERC. Awards will be considered based on the complementary research innovations that members of the group have already achieved, their ability to bring these innovations together toward a broader research theme of significance to federal funding agencies, their track record in external funding and proposal success, and their proposed five year roadmap which leads to the ERC. The awardee’s progress will be reviewed annually. Once two group awards have been made, this program will not be re-offered.

For more information on NSF ERCs, please see:

National Science Foundation Engineering Research Centers


National Science Foundation Gen-4 Engineering Research Centers



Upon review of white papers, OER may request a full proposal.

Deadline for submission of white papers: February 28, 2019

Please submit white papers using the online application form.