Aggie Ingeniero, June 2021




Taking part in a graduation tradition that began in 1989, some 274 NMSU engineering students participated virtually in the Sociedad de Ingenieros on May 14. The ceremony was established at NMSU in 1989 by deans and department heads of the College of Engineering. Dedicated to the  graduating class of engineers, the society affirms the importance of future contributions they will make to society while practicing their profession.

At each ceremony, eminente members are inducted into the society. These recipients have distinguished themselves in the field of engineering and serve as role models for new graduates, receiving one of the college’s highest honors. Scott A. McLaughlin, executive director of Spaceport America, was named the NMSU College of Engineering Spring 2021 Ingeniero Emimente.

Scott is an NMSU electrical engineering alumnus with a diverse background spanning the realms of private business and government operations. His distinguished career as a technical innovator, founder and executive of a new business unit is a wonderful and inspiring example of the myriad opportunities facing new graduates. 

I’ve become fond of this unique and meaningful ceremony during my five-year tenure at NMSU. While COVID prevented us from gathering in person for this celebration during the past year, I am anticipating the return of a live ceremony to cap the fall semester and usher in a new cadre of engineering graduates to the next exciting phase of their lives.

Lakshmi N. Reddi, Dean



NMSU mechanical engineering professor receives second Fulbright Faculty award

Igor Sevostianov, professor in New Mexico State University’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, has received a 2021-2022 Fulbright Faculty Fellowship award. With funding from the U.S. Department of State-sponsored award, Sevostianov will spend the spring 2022 semester in Sofia, Bulgaria, working with colleagues from the Institute of Mechanics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Read More>>










NMSU’s Department of Industrial Engineering to offer three new undergraduate minors

The Department of Industrial Engineering will offer three new undergraduate minors beginning fall 2022. The new programs include: Systems Engineering, Lean Manufacturing and Analytics, and Supply Chain and Operations Research Analytics. Read More>>




Spaceport America director honored by College of Engineering

Scott A. McLaughlin, executive director of Spaceport America, was honored as the NMSU College of Engineering Spring 2021 Ingeniero Emimente, one of the college’s highest honors. This honor was part of the May 14 College of Engineering Sociedad de Ingenieros ceremony. Read More>>









Engineering graduates take part in time-honored ceremonies

Some 274  NMSU College of Engineering graduates were honored virtually at the Spring 2021 Order of the Engineer and Sociedad de Ingenieros ceremony on May 14. Among them were several students receiving recognition for their accomplishments. Read More>>


Two NMSU Teams Funded by NASA EPSCoR Rapid Response Research Program

NASA EPSCoR program provides seed funding to eligible institutions to enhance nationally-competitive capabilities in aerospace and aerospace-related research in EPSCoR states. NASA EPSCoR’s Rapid Response Research (R3) program competitively funds EPSCoR researchers with $100,000 for a period of one year to work alongside NASA and commercial partners on technical issues. Read More>>