Aggie Ingeniero, December 2019




As we launch our new strategic plan, I am faced with an important question that several of our constituents have been asking me repeatedly, including our new faculty members, research faculty, and graduate students: What do we aspire to be in the next five years and what’s our vision? In developing our strategic plan, we consulted with almost all of our stakeholders and we used extensive data. It is clear that it is in the DNA of our college to provide value to our students who are predominantly first-generation and/or financially challenged. It is no wonder that we are ranked 12th among the Best Value Schools, above several of our peers but below two (Iowa State and Oklahoma State). Our current make-up of faculty researchers and doctoral students is such that we are uniquely positioned to be one of the most impactful engineering colleges in terms of research and scholarship. Although programs like Aerospace Engineering are placed Top 50 in some rankings, we do not yet belong to the top 10% of all engineering colleges in the U.S. in terms of overall parameters that US News and World Report uses. I am grateful to be surrounded by leaders in the college who articulate the unique combination of strengths in this college, value and impact. We will articulate an aspirational vision statement in the near future with the goal of taking this unique combination to higher levels. I am thankful to our Associate Dean of Academics, Dr. Antonio Garcia, who is providing thoughtful leadership in this area. 


Lakshmi N. Reddi
Dean, College of Engineering


NMSU engineering ranks twelfth among U.S. Best Value Engineering Schools

WRITER: Linda Fresques

The College of Engineering at New Mexico State University has  been ranked 12th among the 50 Best Value Engineering Schools for 2019 from a total pool of more than 500 eligible engineering schools. NMSU’s ranking is above that of close by competing engineering schools: The University of New Mexico, ranked at 18; and the University of Texas at El Paso, ranked at 27. NMSU also ranks third highest among 15 peer institutions with engineering colleges of similar size and composition. Read More >>

NMSU’s Aggie Innovation Space helps research flies’ eyes

WRITER: Vladimir Avina

Biology researchers at New Mexico State University are using flies to study degeneration of human eyesight with the help of student engineers from the Aggie Innovation Space. Luke Sanchez, a biology major and student regent at NMSU, is working with a team of biologists under the supervision of Jennifer Curtiss in the Drosophila (fruit fly) Research Lab. The team seeks to better understand the effects of environmental stress on eye structure and function using flies as a model. Read More >>

NMSU chemical engineering master’s student receives prestigious research fellowship

WRITER: Linda Fresques

From the very start of his engineering education at New Mexico State University, Joshua Gomez made the best of every opportunity that came his way. His hard work, passion for chemical engineering and research earned him a fellowship from the National GEM Consortium, tuition for his master’s degree, a stipend for other expenses, and two summers of experience conducting research at a national laboratory. Read More >>

NMSU supporters raise $3.6 million on fifth annual Giving Tuesday


NMSU engineering student earns top honors at state conference