Thomas M. Beall

Thomas M. Beall, BSIE

Thomas M. Beall is the chief executive officer and stockholder of V-F Petroleum Inc., a privately-held corporation founded in 1963 and headquartered in Midland, Tex., with an affiliated office in Dallas. Its principal business has been oil and gas exploration and production, with associated operations in the Permian Basin of west Texas and southeast NM.  The company also operated oil and gas projects in Russia through an affiliated corporation VF-Russia Inc. 

Before coming to V-F Petroleum Inc. Beall served as vice president, chief operating officer and director of Read & Stevens, Inc., an independent oil and gas exploration and production company where he was responsible for directing oil and gas exploration and development operations from offices in Roswell, NM; Midland, Tex.; and Ardmore, Okla. 

In addition, Beall is the president and owner of Fuel Products, Inc., a closely held independent oil and gas exploration and development company established in 1973. While currently participating as a non-operator, during his tenure and ownership Fuel Products, Inc. has operated oil and gas wells, pipelines, gas treating facilities, compression stations, and natural gas liquids processing and trading operations in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. In 2004, Beall established Tres Rios Minerals, LLC to acquire and manage oil and gas mineral interests and is actively growing this enterprise. Since 2002, personally and in his capacity as owner and officer of TJR Management, Inc., Beall has participated in the acquisition and management of commercial real estate ventures in Amarillo, Austin, Ft. Worth, Houston, Midland, and Round Rock, Tex.  

Beall was also engineering manager and production manager for the Samsonite Corp. in Denver, Colo., and served as assistant to the USA Divisions Operation Manager at the Ethyl Corp. in Baton Rouge, La.

Beall holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from NMSU.