Terry C. Price

Terry C. Price, Mechanical Engineering, '71

Terry C. Price was born and raised in Raton, New Mexico, growing up in the ‘50s and ‘60s.  Following high-school graduation in 1967, he attended New Mexico State University and received a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering. In 1970, he married and moved into married student housing on Stanley Drive. After graduation from NMSU in 1971, he worked on a master of engineering degree in nuclear engineering at Texas A&M. In the fall of 1972, Price began his first job in the engineering office at Tennessee Valley Authority working on their fleet of nuclear plants.  While in Tennessee, Price’s children (two boys and one girl) were born.  In 1989, job opportunities facilitated a move to Phoenix, Arizona.  Around 10 years ago, he came with a team from Palo Verde Nuclear Power Station to NMSU to recruit engineers for employment. The team has been on campus every year for spring and fall career fairs to talk, recruit, interview and hire NMSU Engineers. Price worked at Palo Verde Nuclear Power Station until his retirement in May of 2015.