Margaret “Peggy” Morse ‘80 BSEE

Margaret “Peggy” Morse has been the Director of Sales Operations at Boeing since 1997. In her present assignment she is responsible for booking the delivery positions for the various aircraft models and sales campaigns, providing the interface between sales and manufacturing, and forecasting future production rates. Her group facilitates the rate planning process, and recommends the production rates by model to the Office of the President for approval.

During her 17 years with Boeing she has enjoyed a variety of assignments. Just prior to the Sales Operations assignment she worked in the Defense & Space Group as the Chief Engineer for the Inertial Upper Stage Program. She was responsible for managing the engineering staff on the program, for both the production program and the integration and launch support at Onizuka Air Station.

She started her career with Boeing in the Antenna design organization. She supported various missile and airplane programs with design and analysis support, primarily on phased array antennas. In 1984, Peggy moved into Radar Cross Section (RCS) measurement technology and spent the next several years designing advanced measurement facilities. The Boeing 9-77 Compact Range incorporates many of her innovative design ideas, including the retractable low frequency array.

She worked five years as a manager on research technology contracts in the areas of RCS error mitigation, fast multipole method, SQUID sensor design, advanced antennas and components, and RCS facility design. This assignment was followed by a year in Business Development working on research contract acquisition. She received several awards and special recognition from the customer community during this period.

Peggy graduated from New Mexico State University in 1980 with a BSEE. She followed that with an MSEE from the University of Washington in 1986. She is actively involved in the arts community and has served on several boards, and as a Boeing representative for the Corporate Council of the Arts and the Seattle Art Museum .

She resides in Seattle, Washington, with her 17 year old daughter, Jessica. She enjoys gardening, pottery and bicycling.