Eloy Torrez,'70, EE

Although Eloy Torrez has lived outside of New Mexico since he graduated from NMSU with a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering in 1970, he is still deeply connected to the university. While working at Hughes Aircraft, he recruited Hispanic engineers from New Mexico, particularly NMSU, which kept him connected to his college and professors. Throughout the years, his involvement with the university has continued to grow. He has served on the Engineering Dean’s Advisory Board and as president of NMSU’s Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Academy. In addition to his generous contributions to the Society of Women Engineers and the Dean’s Fund for Excellence, Eloy has endowed a scholarship in memory of his parents, Eloy Torrez and Savina Salcido. For his generosity and outstanding career, Eloy has been recognized by the College of Engineering as one of the “100 Engineering Outstanding Living Alumni.” Most recently, Eloy funded the Eloy Torrez Family Learning Communities in engineering, which offers tutoring to all engineering students.

Eloy has distinguished himself through a career of innovation in engineering and technology. He participated in the Howard Hughes Fellowship Program, receiving a Master of Engineering degree at UCLA in 1976, and became a registered professional engineer in control system engineering. Eloy spent the first 16 years of his career rising through the ranks at Hughes Aircraft Company. He took leadership roles on notable projects including chief engineer on the Maverick missile. In 1986, he moved to the Aerospace Division at International Signal and Control, first as the vice president then as the president. He then went on to serve as president of the Missile Systems Division at Ferranti International, where he directed all development and manufacturing operations on a contract with the United Arab Emirates Air Force.

In 1996, Eloy founded his own engineering firm, SEI Group Inc., which designs, builds, and maintains complex infrastructure and energy systems. The company provides engineering services to government agencies in the United States and corporate clients in various countries around the world. The Department of Defense is a client that has benefited from SEI Group’s energy efficiency designs and resource management technology to make the U.S. military greener. Eloy’s leadership and strategic management has brought SEI Group significant growth and top recognitions, including distinction as a Top 500 Hispanic Business and recipient of Boeing’s Gold Performance Excellence Award.

Eloy has 10 sisters and one brother. He and his wife, Sheila Torrez, have two daughters, Aubrey and Lauren.