Jon S. Lindsay



Jon S. Lindsay

The Honorable Jon S. Lindsay was born in Houston, but raised in Santa Fe, NM. He graduated from NMSU with a bachelor of science in civil engineering.

He was named the Texas Society of Professional Engineers “Engineer of the Year” and the ASCE National Engineer in Government. He is an Air Force Veteran.

Lindsay was the Harris County Judge for 20 years. In 1997, he was elected the Senator of Texas District 7 and served until 2007. While Senator, Lindsay helped drive the initiative to create freight rail districts that had domain authority and the ability to issue bonds.

In October 2011, Lindsay was inducted into the Texas Transportation Hall of Honor due to his creation of the Texas Toll Authority in 1983. Twenty-seven years after it’s implementation, it has become an essential part of daily life in Harris County.

Lindsay is credited with guiding the Harris County Toll Road Authority from its infancy to its passage and implementing the plan for the roadway. It is a $3 billion project, but it provides $150 million of revenue to the county. The county does not have to pay for highway improvements as a result of this project. Additionally, he has created a park and flood system for major bayous in the Houston area.

Lindsay is currently president of the North Houston Association, a nonprofit group that works with government and business on specific goals that affect the quality of life of people in the surrounding area.

The former senator is currently leading the effort to defend the Reliant Astrodome through a $217 million bond issue to be on the ballot this November. The Astrodome was recently put on the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s list of “11 Most Endangered Historical Places.”

Lindsay is still active in ranching. He is married and has three sons, all of whom graduated from Texas A&M with engineering degrees.