Professional Master of Mechanical Engineering

This guide explains some of the requirements for the Professional Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. The information provided here supplements the NMSU Graduate School requirements for master's degree which are the minimum requirements. Students MUST follow the mechanical engineering degree requirements listed below to complete the Professional Master’s of Engineering Degree course of study.


  • Total number of credits – 30
  • ME 570 and one core course from 4 of the 5 following topic areas:
    • Solid Mechanics: ME502 Elasticity, ME504 Continuum Mechanics
    • Thermo Science: ME503 Thermodynamics, ME540 Inter. heat transfer
    • Fluids: ME530 Inter. Fluid mechanics, ME533 Comput. fluid mechanics
    • Dynamics and Vibrations: ME511 Dynamics, ME512 Vibrations
    • Engineering Analysis and Control: ME580 Num. analysis, ME518 Finite element analysis, ME527 Modern control of linear systems
  • 4 additional ME courses which may be core courses listed above, research area courses, dual listed courses, ME 509, or ME 510.

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