Professional Master of Electrical and Computer Engineering

The Electrical and Computer Professional Master requires 30 credits of course work plus completion of  three graduate core courses (or two graduate core courses and one graduate-breadth course) with a B or better in each course. No oral exam is required for the coursework-only option.


  1. Two graduate core courses must be taken from two different areas of specialization. In addition, either a third graduate core course OR one graduate breadth course must be taken from a third area of specialization. Students may transfer equivalent core or breadth courses taken from other ABET-accredited universities, in accordance with the transfer policy (item 6, below). The most recent NMSU instructor determines equivalency of a course taken at another university. For more information on graduate core courses, please visit
  2. At least 15 credits of course work must be at or above the 500 level.
  3. At least half of the graduate course work must be in the Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
  4. At least half of the coursework credits, excluding thesis or technical report credits, must be taken with other than a single professor.
  5. Any coursework more than seven years old at the time of the final examination will not be included in the master’s degree program.
  6. A maximum of 12 credits of graduate course work taken at another institution may be transferred in if those credits logically fit into the student’s graduate program. The adviser decides which courses fit. Graduate School approval of transfer credit is required. Students must complete the Master’s Transfer of Credit Form.
  7. Credits of E E 490/498/499, C S 457/467/477/487, BCS 472, COMM 485, and SPCD 470/490 do not count toward a graduate degree. Credits of EE 590, Selected Topics, are limited to a total of nine, of which at most six may be credits for courses that don’t appear as regular classes in the printed schedule. Each area of specialization may have additional requirements for students in those areas. Other limitations and requirements that apply to all master’s degrees are described elsewhere in this catalog.
  8. All graduate credits must have letter grades of A, B, or C, or pass/fail grades of S (Satisfactory).  At the graduate level, a pass/fail grade of S corresponds to a letter grade of A or B.
  9. Up to six credits earned on another master’s degree at NMSU may be allowed to count toward an MSEE degree, if those credits fit into a logical graduate program.

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