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Do you see yourself helping to solve some of the world’s biggest problems? Developing technologies to provide clean water? Creating robotic limbs for amputees? Designing satellites that improve our communication systems? Discovering safe and reliable ways to deliver electricity?

NMSU’s College of Engineering is an excellent place to begin. Choose from a variety of offerings leading to a multitude of engineering and technology careers, or to fascinating areas of graduate studies. From the first courses offered in civil and mechanical engineering more than a century ago, NMSU’s College of Engineering today is the oldest engineering college in New Mexico and has earned national rankings along the way. Our faculty members have garnered distinction in teaching and research that combines engineering fundamentals with hands-on experiences, giving our graduates a competitive advantage in the workforce and advanced studies.


Building the Future

Building the Future - The New Thomas & Brown Hall

It is time to welcome changes that will nurture cross-disciplinary, collaborative, and distance learning to promote student success, not only to engineering students but also to all NMSU students. Learn more.

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