Staff bio: Departmental engineer served in Iraq

gamillo-eduardo-jpgWRITER: Billy Huntsman

Eduardo Gamillo is the departmental engineer for New Mexico State University’s Engineering Technology and Surveying Engineering Department.

Gamillo worked his way up to departmental engineer after graduating from NMSU in December 2005, when he was offered a position as a field service representative for NMSU’s Physical Science Laboratory in Iraq.

“Our primary mission was implementation, service and training of improvised explosive device counter measure systems to protect American troops from roadside bombs,” Gamillo said.

Gamillo had previously worked for the PSL as a student aid during his last year of college. He also had a variety of on-campus jobs while a student, in addition to being an enlisted soldier for the U.S. Army’s 281st Transportation Reserve for four years.

In 2003, Gamillo’s college education was disrupted when he was deployed to Iraq during combat operations.

“Although at the time that was a hard thing to deal with, it has been one of the many great experiences that have happened to me,” he said. “Not only I was granted the opportunity to serve the country, but it also made me appreciate the things that I had been taking for granted.”

As departmental engineer, Gamillo said some of his duties include teaching, keeping track of inventory, handling all purchases for the ETSE Department and providing support to faculty members, staff and students in their everyday needs. 

I really enjoy the people I work with,” Gamillo said. “Everyone here at the ETSE Department is like a family member to me. All of them, in one way or another, have shown that they care for me. I also really enjoy the relationships that I have with the students and the satisfaction that I get knowing that I contributed in their development.”

Outside of work, Gamillo said he enjoys spending time with his family, mountain biking and watching the Dallas Cowboys win Sunday.

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