Research Grants and Contracts 2019

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College of Engineering faculty pursue external funding of their research. Below is a list of the College’s research grants and contracts for 2019. This list is sourced from the Office of Vice President for Research.

3/26/2019 Hongmei Luo (Chemical and Materials Engineering) “Semiconductor Quantum Dots: Synthesis and Device Assembly,” Los Alamos National Security, LLC, $30,000

3/15/2019 Steven Stochaj (Electrical and Computer Engineering) “Virtual Telescope for X-ray Observations: VTXO,” NASA-NSPIRES, $21,276

3/14/2019 Phillip De Leon/Muhammed Dawood (Electrical and Computer Engineering) “Micro-Scale Initial Implementation Program Bandpass Filter,” Northrop Grumman, $87,100

3/1/2019 Phillip King/Pei Xu (Civil Engineering) “Assessment and Implementation Frame work for Transboudary Brackish Ground Water Desalination in South-Central New Mexico,” Bureau of Reclamation, $399,353

3/1/2019 David Voelz (Electrical and Computer Engineering) “Efficient Matrix-based Wave-optics Propagation Code for HPCS,” TAU Technologies, $44,844

2/1/2019 Andreas Gross (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) “Numerical Investigation of Wake Effect fo High-Lift Low-pressure Turbine Blades,” Air Force Office of Scientific Research, $75,932

2/1/201 9 Vimal Chaitanya (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) “Indentify and Develop Energy Materials Research Collaborations,” Los Alamos National Laboratories, $112,144

1/9/2019 Andreas Gross (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) “Numerical Investigation of Turbulent Junction Flows”, Air Force Research Laboratories, $58,000

1/31/2019 Laura Boucheron Spence (Electrical and Computer Engineering) “Streak Detection in Sky Images Using Deep Learning,” TAU Technologies, LLC, $47,102