Research Grants and Contracts 2020

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College of Engineering faculty pursue external funding of their research. Below is a list of the College’s research grants and contracts for 2020.

6/22/20  Charalambos Papelis (CEMRC), “NWP WIPP Labs Space Utilization”, Nuclear Waste Partnership LLC, $77,079

6/5/20  Igor Sevostianov (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), “Effect of  Cryogenic Treatment on Mechanical Properties of Gin Saw”, US Department of Agriculture, $40,000

6/3/20  Borys Drach (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), “Investigation of Strain Fields in Metal Nanocomposites Produced via Roll Bonding”, Triad National Security, $18,176

6/1/20  Pei Xu (Civil Engineering), “NAWI Water Innovation  – De Sal”, University of California, Berkeley,  $30,000

5/27/20  Vimal Chaitanya (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), “Investigation on the Effect of Surface Roughness on the Failure of Additively Manufactured Lattice Structures”, Triad National Security, $13,573

5/21/20  Pei Xu (Civil Engineering), “INFEWS/T2: Improving Crop Yield and Soil Salinity by Cost-Effective Integration of Microbial, Community, Hydrology, Desalination, & Renewable Power”, University of North Texas, $239,056

5/19/20  Abdessattar Abdelkefi (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), “Nonlinear Modeling and Performance Improvement of Energy Harvesting Systems for Long Term Data Acquisition”, Triad National Security, $57,158

5/8/20  Abdessattar Abdelkefi (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), “Nonlinear Dynamics of Rigid Body Dynamics Models of Mechanims”, Sandia National Laboratories, $16,222

5/6/20  Vimal Chaitanya (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), “Academic Collaborations in Sustainability and Security”, Triad National Security, $39,526

4/27/20  Abdel-Hameed Badawy (Electrical and Computer Engineering), “ECP Proxy App Project”, Sandia National Laboratories, $80,000

4/16/20  Satishkuma Ranade (Electrical and Computer Engineering), “Extreme-Distributed Storage for Photovoltaic Systems”, Sandia National Laboratories, $69,359

4/2/20  Meng Zhou (Chemical and Materials Engineering), “Computer Controlled Spray Coating Electrolytes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell”, Batelle Energy Alliance, $160,000

4/1/20  Antonio Garcia (Engineering College), “Combing Andragogy and Pedagogy to Help First Generation, Low Income Students Succeed in Engineering”, NSF, $2,382,460

4/1/20  Muhammed Dawood, (Electrical and Computer Engineering), “Two-to-Four-Year Pathway for Successful Transfer and Retention (STAR) of Engineering Students-STAR Project”, NSF, $3,745,040

3/26/20  Paola Bandini (Civil Engineering), “Supplemental Proposal: CBBG Part Support REU Summer Undergraduate Research on Biogeotechnics at New Mexico State University for Native American Students from A Two-Year Institution”, Arizona State University, $20,000

3/16/20  Tom Manz (Chemical and Materials Engineering), “CAREER: Automated Construction of Polarizable, Flexible, Nonreactive Force-Fields for Atomistic Simulations of Metal-Organic Frameworks and Other Complex Materials”, NSF, $60,000

3/5/20  Abdessattar Abdelkefi (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), “Size Dependent Reduced-Order Modeling and Performance Enhancement of Perovskite Energy Harvesters”, Triad National Security, $58,117

3/4/20  Charalambos Papelis (CEMRC), “Volatile Organic Compound and Hydrogen/Methane Analyses 2017”, Nuclear Waste Partnership LLC, $140,000

3/1/20  Jay Frankel (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), “New Paradigms for Inverse Heat Conduction Problems: Creative Analytics and Experiments Utilizing Advanced Technologies”, NSF, $110,484

2/26/20  Steven Sandoval (Electrical and Computer Engineering), “Instantaneous Spectral Analysis for Specific Emitter Identification in Satellite Communications”, Sandia National Laboratories, $87,165

2/14/20  Sarada Kuravi (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), “Enhanced Solar Desalination Using Innovative Approaches for Concentrate Treatment and Energy Recovery”, US Department of Interior/Bureau of Reclamation,  $149,950

2/10/20  Abdessattar Abdelkefi (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), “Conceptual Design And Aerodynamic Analysis of Multi-rotor Unmanned Air Vehicles for Atmospheric Sampling”, Army, $45,284

2/6/20  Abdel-Hameed Badawy (Electrical and Computer Engineering), “Performance Prediction Toolkit: CPU and GPGPUs”, Triad National Security, $200,000

2/3/20  Pei Xu (Civil Engineering), “De Sal:  Using the Energy-Water Nexus to Assess Produced Water Potential in the Permian”, Exxon-Mobil Corporation, $125,000

2/1/20  Charalambos Papelis (CEMRC), “CEMRC WIPP-EM2”, Department of Energy, $2,925,085

2/1/20  Steven Sandoval (Electrical and Computer Engineering), “Time-Frequency Analysis (TFA) Framework for Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)”, General Dynamics Inc., $45,000

1/29/20  Hongmei Luo (Chemical and Materials Engineering), “Semiconductor Quantum Dots: Synthesis and Device Assembly”, Los Alamos National Security, $44,393

1/29/20  Abdessattar Abdelkefi (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), “Environmental Testing Research and Development”, Triad National Security, $263,293

1/29/20  Pei Xu “Solar-Powered Mulit-functional Photocatalytic Oxidation Membrane Distillation for Closed-Loop Water Reuse”, US Department of Interior/Bureau of Reclamation, $149,585

1/27/20  Meng Zhou (Chemical and Materials Engineering), “Exploration of End-of-Life Lithium Ion Battery Cathode Recycling Technologies”, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, $79,994

1/24/20  Huiyao Wang (Civil Engineering), “DeSal:  Solar-Driven Multi-Functional Photocatalytic Oxidation Membrane Distillation for Produced Water Treatment”, Exxon-Mobil Corporation, $45,000

1/14/20  Olga Lavrova (Electrical and Computer Engineering), “Field Demonstration of Advanced Sensor Development”, Sandia National Laboratories, $100,000

1/1/20  Patricia Sullivan (Engineering College), “NM Produced Water Research Consortium”, NM Produced Water Research Consortium, $175,666