NMSU engineering students awarded research scholarships

Six engineering students from New Mexico State University were awarded scholarships from the New Mexico Space Grant Consortium.

Edward Berndt, a Ph.D. student in mechanical engineering, was awarded $10,000 for his research “Effect of accumulated radiation damage on overall performance of metal and ceramic materials.”

Isabel Garcia, a junior in surveying engineering, was awarded $5,000 for her research project “Studying Environmental Changes in Urban Areas Using Remotely Sensed Datasets.”

Joshua Gomez, a sophomore in chemical engineering, received $5,000 for his research titled “Optimization of Algal Activated Charcoal for Use in NASA Environmental Control and Life Support System.”

Joshua Michalenko, a junior in electrical engineering, also received $5,000 for his research “A Method to Connect Fragmented Coronal Loops in Extreme Ultraviolet Images.”

Timothy Nunley, a junior in engineering physics, was awarded $5,000 for his research called “Band Gap Analysis of Germanium Alloy Films.”

Jesse Sharp, a junior in aerospace engineering, received $5,000 for his research “Passive Exoskeleton with Reduced Gravity Offloading and Classroom Wind Tunnel Teaching Aide.”

The amount of scholarships awarded totaled $35,000. The NMSGC competitive scholarships are awarded by application information, faculty recommendation, GPA, the research project and its relevance to NASA. NMSGC is a member of the National Space Grant College and Fellowship program, which is funded congressionally and administered by NASA.

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