NM MESA teams advance to national engineering design competition

ALBUQUERQUE, NM:  New Mexico Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) hosted more tahn 335 students from MESA schools for the New Mexico MESA Day Engineering Design Qualifying Competition, at the University of New Mexico campus March 17-18. Student teams competed in several categories. The 2017 winners are Chaparral Middle School, from Chaparral, and Deming High School, from Deming.  They will represent NM MESA at the National Competition in June in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to compete against the winners from other state MESA programs. 

The Prosthetic Arm design with a microprocessor programming component is the current focus of our MESA USA Engineering Design Competition.  Student teams had to program an arm to place items in and out of a designated area, toss items into a specific target zone, and secure nuts onto bolts with a testing apparatus.  Along with the physical performance of the arm, teams also had to write an accompanying technical paper, create an accompanying academic poster, and present research to a panel of judges in an oral presentation.  This is one of most prestigious events, with teams working extremely hard to qualify to attend. 

Students attending this academic competition represented 18 middle schools and 23 high schools throughout the state. Performance for all teams was outstanding. NM MESA students are commended for their commitment to academic excellence and for reinforcing the NM MESA vision of preparing students for college majors and careers in math, engineering, technology and science.

Additional information can be found on the NM MESA website www.nmmesa.org.

NM MESA’s mission is to “Empower and motivate New Mexico’s culturally diverse students with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) enrichment.”

NM MESA is a year-round, multi-year, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) initiative that works with school districts and higher education institutions to improve NM student STEM performance; increase NM college STEM enrollment; and provide hands-on STEM competitions.

Deming High School: Adriana Darrow, Adrian Luna, Antoni Varela, David Velez and David Jaramillo-adviser for Deming HS

Chaparral Middle team members: Alfredo Sepulveda, Kevin Ramos, Luis Jimene (not pictured Rina Viramontes, adviser.)


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