NMSU honors millionaire researchers

Writer: Hamid M. Rad

NMSU’s top researchers whose projects generated funding of $500,000 or more during the fiscal year 2010 were honored recently.

Barbara Couture

President Couture at the Millionaire Researchers Award Ceremony (Photo by Hamid M. Rad, OSI)

On April 25, a special reception was held to recognize NMSU’s 72 top researchers by NMSU President Barbara Couture and Vice President for Research Vimal Chaitanya. Among them were 10 engineering researchers.

In fiscal year 2010, NMSU’s external awards totaled more than $198.5 million, a 28 percent increase over FY 2009. Research expenditures were also at an all-time high at $167 million.

“The researchers being recognized are responsible for 87 percent of total NMSU awards,” said Chaitanya.

Recognizing the impact of NMSU’s research activities President Couture explained that $167 million in expenditures in fiscal year 2010 generated about $288 million a year in economic impact throughout New Mexico.

“You are doing a great job forwarding science, forwarding the social sciences, forwarding art, and creating better teachers so that our nation and our society can advance,” said Couture.

Of the awards in that period 83.5 percent were funded by federal sources, 7.7 percent by the state, and 8.8 percent by other sources. Of the federal awards, 22.6 percent were funded by the Department of Defense, 20.7 by the Department of Health and Social Services, 14.3 percent by National Aeronautics and Space Agency, 7 percent by National Science Foundation, 5.3 percent by the Department of Agriculture, 4.7 by the Department of Education, and 2.1 percent by the Department of Interior.Funding Chart

Honored at the reception were:

College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences

  • Katherine Bachman*
  • Ronnie Byford*
  • Barbara Chamberlin
  • Diana Del Campo
  • Esther Devall*
  • Jeanne Gleason
  • Joe Graham*
  • Robert Grassberger*
  • Paul Gutierrez
  • G. Robert Hagevoort*
  • John Harrington
  • Kris Havstad
  • Marcel Montanez
  • Mary O’Connell*
  • Albert Rango
  • Craig Runyan
  • Robert Silver*
  • Carol Turner
  • Carolyn Vander Giesen*
  • Linda Wells*

College of Arts and Sciences

  • Jeffrey Arterburn*
  • Cynthia Bejarano
  • Jennifer Curtiss
  • John Gustafson
  • Michael Johnson
  • Gary Kyle
  • Glenn Kuehn
  • Douglas Kurtz
  • Bernard McNamara
  • Michele Nishiguchi
  • Debra Peters*
  • Elba Serrano*
  • Charles Shuster*

College of Education

  • Nancy Baptiste*
  • Susan Brown*
  • Wanda Maria Bulger-Tamez*
  • Elizabeth Cahill*
  • Cathy Kinzer
  • Jennifer Neakrase
  • Karin Wiburg*

College of Engineering

  • Abbas Ghassemi*, Institute for Energy and the Environment
  • Jessica Houston, Chemical Engineering
  • Ricardo Jacquez*, Alliance for Minority Participation
  • David Jauregui, Civil Engineering
  • Ou Ma*, Mechanical Engineering
  • Robert Paz, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Satishkumar Ranade, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Andrew Rosenthal*, Institute for Energy and the Environment
  • Rudi Schoenmackers, Engineering Research Center
  • David Voelz*, Electrical and Computer Engineering

College of Health and Social Services

  • Shelly Bucher*
  • Martha Roditti

Physical Science Laboratory

  • Jerry Anderson*
  • Danny Ball*
  • Ray Bernstein*
  • Philip Copeland*
  • Doug Davis*
  • Bob Dickenshied*
  • Joanne Esparza*
  • Michael Garcia*
  • Stuart Head*
  • Stephen Hottman*
  • Marcos Quinones*
  • Dennis Zaklan

New Mexico Space Grant Consortium

  • Patricia Hynes*

Doña Ana Community College

  • Margie Huerta*
  • Sylvia Nickerson*
  • John Walker

Grants Community College

  • Gayle Lundgren-Whitson

Carlsbad Community College

  • Kathy Greenwood

New Mexico Department of Agriculture

  • Julie Maitland

Vice President for Economic Development

  • Garrey Carruthers*

* In excess of $1 million

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