International journal features article by NMSU engineers

The international journal, Electronic Letters, highlighted New Mexico State University’s electrical and computer engineering associate professor Deva Borah and Ph.D. student Kuldeep Kumar’s research work as a feature in its October 13, 2011 issue.

“Our paper was not only accepted for publication, but it is also highlighted as a feature article and that is rare,” Borah said of the honor.

Electronic Letters is a bi-weekly “internationally-renowned peer reviewed… rapid-communication international journal” based in the U.K. The feature article titled “Hybrid Symbology” introduces part of the research on hybrid channels the pair has been conducting since 2007. The research was funded through the National Science Foundation.

“The research is about transmission of hybrid symbols through hybrid communication channels. We have presented a highly novel idea of reliable and secure data communication through hybrid optical and radio frequency channels. The proposed method has many potential applications and it opens the door for further research,” Borah explained.

Not only is this a high accomplishment and first time feature for Borah, but it is also a great accomplishment for Kumar as a Ph.D. student to be featured in an international publication.

Since 2000, Borah has taught and conducted research in telecommunications and signal processing at NMSU.

Recently, he became the second recipient of the International Foundation for Telemetering and Telecommunications Professorship. The professorship was established “to support faculty in the highly competitive field of telecommunications.”

Kuldeep is currently pursuing his doctorate in electrical and computer engineering. He graduated with his master’s degree in 2001 and worked as a teacher for eight years before pursuing his doctorate in 2009. He has expressed an interest in becoming a faculty member once his degree is completed.

To feature article is free to access by visiting volume 47 issue 21 in the “Available Volume List” at website

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