Students chosen to represent the College of Engineering for the upcoming school year

Writer: Lorena Sanchez

The College of Engineering at New Mexico State University has selected its student ambassadors to represent the college during the 2009-2010 school year. Twenty-seven students will represent the six engineering departments, as well as the engineering physics program which is administered jointly with the Department of Physics.

2009-2010 College of Engineering Ambassadors

2009-2010 College of Engineering Ambassadors

Student ambassadors’ primary purpose is to act as representatives for the College of Engineering.

Krist Peterson, associate dean for the College of Engineering, commends the program for its ability to “amplify the number of people that represent the college. The program is immensely important. The student ambassadors help us out with on and off campus recruiting events, and corporate relation type of activities,” Peterson said.

Because the students are asked to represent the college at various events and introduce prospective students to the engineering program, they must be sophomores or above to be selected. Student ambassadors are also asked to assist corporate sponsors during NMSU’s annual career fairs, promote the College of Engineering, conduct campus tours and greet donors at the college’s annual Scholarship Breakfast.

Marcela Salmón, enrollment specialist for the College of Engineering, measures the program’s success on the feedback she has received from people who have had the opportunity to interact with the ambassadors. “I always get positive feedback from students and parents,” Salmón said. “In the three years I’ve been here the enrollment number has increased, so I’d say the program is very successful.”

Becoming an ambassador is a competitive process. Each student must maintain a high academic performance, and demonstrate interpersonal skills and leadership qualities. Those interested in the position must turn in an application with a résumé and reference from at least one faculty or staff member from the College of Engineering. A select few are then chosen to give a presentation in front of a panel of faculty, staff and student ambassadors and are interviewed by the panel before they are awarded the honorary position.

“We have a very dependable group of students that are always available to assist with college initiatives,” Salmón said.

The following students will represent college’s six departments and the engineering physics program:

Civil engineering’s representatives will be Crystal Trujillo, senior; Luis Fierro, sophomore; Raquel Barrera, junior and Theresa Aragon, junior.

Mario Picazo, a graduate student, will represent engineering physics.

Alexandru Boje, junior; Jose Urquijo, sophomore and Ricky Perera, senior, will represent for chemical engineering.

Alejandro Gonzales, junior; Luis Medina, senior; Michael Chenoweth, senior and Travis Buckhard, senior will represent electrical and computer engineering.

Engineering technology will be represented by Caleb Sokoll, sophomore and Kamren Pearce, junior.

Alejandro Ramirez, senior; Justin Marcak, junior and Marissa Padilla, junior will represent the industrial engineering department.

Ten students have been chosen to represent the mechanical and aerospace engineering department: Weston Marlow, sophomore; Johanna Cecava, senior; Juan Carlos Gomez, junior; Micah Kecman, senior; Miguel Caballero, junior; Oscar Torres Olague, junior; Ricardo Medina, junior; and graduate students Kelly Hall, Krystal Deines and Matt Haines.

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