2011 Interdisciplinary Research Grants awarded

The office of the Vice President for Research recently announced the recipients of the 2011 Interdisciplinary Research Grant awards. Among them are four researchers from the College of Engineering. In March 2011, 28 teams responded to the call for proposals. The submitted proposals were reviewed and evaluated for their merits by a committee consisting of representatives of NMSU colleges, and the VPR office. The following projects were funded:

  1. A Wide-Field Interferometric Plasmon-Polariton Nanoscope for in Vivo Biological Imaging
    • Sang-Yeon Cho (PI) Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Immo Hansen (Co-PI) Biology
  2. Investigation of Bacterial Symbiosis by Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy
    • Cynthia G. Zoski (PI) Chemistry and Biochemistry
    • Michele Nishiguchi (Co-PI) Biology
  3. Efficient and Intelligent Management of Solar Data by Utilizing High-Performance Computing Infrastructure and Semantic Knowledge for Data-Intensive Retrieval and Exploration
    • Huiping Cao (PI) Computer Science
    • Jason Jackiewicz (Co-PI) Astronomy
  4. Health-consequence Holograms and Web-based Graphic Pathographies: The Effects of ICT Interventions on Individuals. Self-managed Health Care
    • Kelly Tian (PI) Marketing
    • Jim Kroger (Co-PI) Psychology
    • Elise Sautter (Co-PI) Department Head, Marketing
  5. Breast Cancer: The Role of Progestins in Modulating DNA Replication via the Membrane Progesterone Receptor Alpha.
    • Amanda K. Ashley (PI) Center for Animal Health, Food Safety, and Bio Security
    • Ryan L. Ashley (Co-PI) Animal and Range Sciences
    • Jessica P. Houston (Co-PI) Chemical Engineering
  6. Development of a Zeolite-Based Plant Nutrient Delivery System
    • Charalambos Papelis (PI), Civil Engineering
    • A. Salim Bawazir (Co-PI), Civil Engineering
    • Manoj K. Shukla (Co-PI), Plant and Environmental Sciences

Evaluations were made based on technical merit of the proposed research, potential impact of the proposed research on the University’s research programs and national visibility, potential for future funding and sustainability, student involvement, and qualifications of the PI and Co-PI.

For additional information about these projects, please contact the principal investigators.

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