Surveying engineering professor appointed to national accreditation board

Writer: Lorena Sánchez

An engineering professor at New Mexico State University has been appointed to an executive committee that provides accreditation to more than 3,100 surveying engineering programs for 600 colleges worldwide.

Steve Frank

Steve Frank will lead teams to evaluate surveying engineering programs nationwide

Steven Frank, professor of surveying engineering, was appointed to the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology Applied Science Accreditation Commission. As an executive committee member, Frank will serve as one of the Members-at-Large. Prior to his appointment, Frank was an ASAC commissioner representing the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping.

As part of the executive committee, Frank will assist in leading team visits to evaluate surveying programs, edit ABET evaluation reports, and attend the executive committee meetings.

Although Frank has had several prominent positions within the engineering community, he remains very active in representing surveying engineering. He views this appointment as another opportunity to represent his profession.

“This opportunity means more involvement with ABET and the accreditation process; including a voice in the direction of accreditation policy and procedures,” Frank said.

Ricardo Jacquez, dean for NMSU’s College of Engineering, was pleased to hear that Frank had been appointed to such a high standing position within a nationally and internationally recognized organization.

“Dr. Frank is already such an active member in the engineering community, so this is certainly another wonderful opportunity for him to exercise his knowledge and expertise. This really is a testament to the type of incredibly experienced engineering professors we employ at NMSU,” Jacquez said.

Frank is a past president of the New Mexico Professional Surveyors, and the American Association for Geodetic Surveying. He received his bachelor degree in surveying engineering and master’s in civil engineering with an emphasis in surveying engineering from California State University, Fresno. After obtaining his master’s and bachelor’s degrees, he went on to receive his doctorate in surveying engineering from the University of Maine. He has worked in California, Saudi Arabia, and Maine before moving to New Mexico.

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