Engineering graduates earn accolades

Of the 212 students graduating from the College of Engineering at NMSU on Dec. 11, nearly half of them were graduate students and among them were NMSU’s Outstanding Master’s and Doctoral students.

Annajario Garimella

Annajario Garimella

Annajirao Garimella was named Outstanding Doctoral Graduate who received a Ph.D. in electrical engineering. He received a B.E. degree in electrical and electronics engineering from the University of Madras, Chennai, India in 2000 and an M.S. in VLSI-CAD from Manipal University, Manipal, India in 2002. He received an M.S.E.E. in electrical engineering with minor in management from NMSU in 2009.

Stacy Baber

Captain Stacy Baber

Captain Stacy Marie Baber was selected as outstanding master’s degree student for NMSU.  Baber is a U.S. Air Force Institute of Technology student at NMSU and graduated with a master’s of science in chemical engineering.

Among the 104 graduate students receiving degrees, 10 were doctoral students:

  • Mohammad Ameen Al-Shudeifat, civil engineering
  • Hung Viet Dang, electrical engineering
  • Annajirao Garimella, electrical engineering
  • Khaled Hatamleh, mechanical engineering
  • Iyad A. Hijazi, mechanical engineering
  • Bhanu Venkata Narayana Phanindra Kambhammettu, civil engineering
  • Kazunari Maeda, mechanical engineering
  • Habeeb Ur Rahman Mohammed, electrical engineering
  • Jimmy Martin Moreno, civil engineering
  • Tuyen Nguyenngoc, civil engineering
Johanna Cecava

Johanna Cecava

Among the 108 undergraduate students receiving bachelor’s degrees from the College of Engineering was Highest Honors Graduate Johanna Cecava. She earned the highest GPA with the most academic hours of a fall 2010 engineering graduate. During her time at NMSU, Cecava has maintained a 4.0 grade point average, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

Joye Moore

Joye Moore

Joye Moore was chosen by the NMSU Alumni Association as the College of Engineering Outstanding Senior for fall 2010. The competitive honor was awarded to Moore, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and minor in mathematics.

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