Gifts that go beyond dollars

Engineering alums Gabriel Moreno, engineering technology '11, and Christopher Galvan, electrical '12, show off a Cummins diesel engine at Resumania. (NMSU photo by Kristen Sullivan)

Engineering alums Gabriel Moreno, engineering technology ’11, and Christopher Galvan, electrical ’12, show off a Cummins diesel engine. (NMSU photo by Kristen Sullivan)

Not all support to the college of Engineering comes in the form of monetary gifts. While corporate financial support comes to NMSU’s engineering programs, some of most valued contributions are human in nature.

This past fall, representatives from Cummins Inc. spent two days reviewing student résumés just prior to NMSU’s annual career fair. Joined by representatives from ChevronPhillips Chemical and Sandia National Laboratories, most of them NMSU engineering alumni, they collectively reviewed more than 200 student résumés, providing students with invaluable help in preparation for meeting with employers at the fair.

“It was a great opportunity to see what they look for in a résumé,” said senior mechanical engineering student Ember Krech. “They were super honest and it was so helpful to talk with them and receive direct feedback about a whole range of things: from format and how easy the résumé was to read to what kind of experience is needed.” Krech, who wants to go into biomedical engineering, was successful at the fair: she is now speaking with several employers about post-graduation opportunities that might include graduate school.

Their presence at NMSU career fairs means they are hiring Aggie engineers. In the spring 2014 semester, Cummins hired 19 NMSU engineers. All three companies have been hiring NMSU students for many years.

Corporate donations and long-standing relationships with each of these companies are equally valued. Cummins supports the NMSU Mini Baja team which competes annually in a design competition sponsored by the Society of Automobile Engineers. Several years ago, Cummins donated a 6.7 liter diesel engine, valued at an estimated $5,000, for use in the classroom.

“Cummins is a fantastic company to work for and has been a great employer for Aggie graduates and interns. The Campus Recruiting Team is grateful for the great support we’ve received from NMSU, so we like to give back to the school and provide our industry experience at Résumania. Our recruiting team is made up of a diverse group of people from NMSU with varying backgrounds and we feel we can provide competitive résumé critiquing, which we hope gives students and edge at the Career Expo. It’s a source of great pride with us and is one of the main reasons we enjoy  coming here,” said Gabriel Moreno, senior product validation engineer at Cummins and NMSU engineering alum.

Sandia National Laboratories, which has a memorandum of agreement with the College of Engineering to form collaborative research opportunities with faculty and graduate students.  Sandia supports NMSU’s STEM outreach activities and two graduate fellowships. This past spring, Sandia sponsored NMSU’s first-ever Aggie Innovation Design Challenge to ensure engineering students are presented opportunities to use critical thinking skills, work in teams, and apply their classroom knowledge in a real-world setting.

“The NMSU event provides an opportunity to interact with students via a low pressure one-on-one dialog focused on helping them prepare their résumé and strategy for the career fair.  The students have the opportunity to ask questions they wouldn’t be able to ask in a career fair setting and develop a plan for the fair. Recruiters have an opportunity to pay it forward and help the students increase their chance of securing a job at the employer of their choice. The event provides a great opportunity for Sandia to continue to build a relationship with students and the university,” said Michael Holmes, Manager of Mixed Signal ASIC/SoC Products, at Sandia National Laboratories and NMSU engineering alum.

ChevronPhillips Chemical has funded undergraduate engineering scholarships on an ongoing basis. They have a long history of hiring Aggie engineering talent.

“Our corporate partners are fully engaged in the engineering educational experience at NMSU,” said Ricardo B. Jacquez, dean of the college of engineering.  “These partnerships ensure relevancy in our curriculum and are great opportunities for student to transition into the workplace as interns, co-op students, and as permanent hires following graduation.

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