NMSU announces latest round of promotion and tenure recipients

Writer: Susan Prosoco and Linda Fresques

The Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost at New Mexico State University recently announced 26 faculty members have achieved tenure and 62 were promoted for the 2011-2012 school year. Among them were Ruinian Jiang, promoted to associate professor in engineering technology and surveying engineering, and Muhammad Dawood, promoted to associate professor in electrical and computer engineering.

The awards are across all NMSU campuses and will take effect either July 1 or August 15. The report, released April 14, lists not only all faculty who received tenure or promotion, but more specifically, what level they earned.

“While I have the pleasure of making this announcement, my review of tenure and promotion dossiers is only the final step in a long process that involves several levels of peer and administrative review,” said Wendy K. Wilkins, executive vice president and provost.

Wilkins went on to say that achieving tenure or a promotion in an academic discipline represents years of hard work, and is truly an occasion for celebration.

“The career ladder for university faculty has few steps, so each one is a big one,” Wilkins said. “We are happy to share the news about the success of so many members of the New Mexico State University community.”

Jiang earned his Ph.D. in structural engineering from NMSU in May 2005. Previously, Jiang worked in China and abroad in the fields of transportation and structural engineering research, design, construction, and management. Jiang was awarded the Patricia Christmore Teaching Award in fall 2010. He has broad interests on teaching and research on structural design and evaluation, highway and transportation design, construction management, and international cooperation. Jiang travels to China every year to give lectures and is currently working with his department on a joint Ph.D. between NMSU and the Northern China University of Technology. This past fall he helped to organize a visit to the College of Engineering from a delegation from China’s Ministry of Transportation.

Dawood earned his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Prior to joining NMSU in 2005, he held several teaching positions at the University of Nebraska and worked as an engineer for the Pakistan Air Force. His teaching interests focus on electromagnetics, radar, antennas and RF/Microwave engineering. His research is centered on Ultra-Wide Band Radar/Synthetic Aperture Radar systems, phased array antennas, and advanced signal processing techniques for radar/SAR data. He has received funding for his projects from Sandia National Laboratories and the National Science Foundation, among others. He was named Most Distinguished member of the NMSU Teaching Academy in 2006/2007. Dawood is a member of the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers and is advisor to the student chapter of that organization at NMSU.

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