College of Engineering ambassadors named

The College of Engineering has selected 23 Student Ambassadors to represent each of the College of Engineering’s seven departments.

The student ambassadors will represent the College of Engineering at various recruiting functions, greeting donors at the annual Scholarship Breakfast, and visiting with prospective students or giving campus tours.

The ambassadors are competitively selected based on academic excellence and leadership qualities.  They are recommended by faculty and are sophomores and above.

“The ambassador program is a win-win for everybody.  The college has a ready pool of bright, articulate, and willing students to help with recruiting and outreach efforts; while the ambassadors get an in-depth look at the college as well as greater access to corporate recruiters, faculty, and administrators.  The ambassadors have contributed greatly to the phenomenal increase we have seen in engineering enrollment over the past three years,” said Krist Petersen, associate dean.

Representing civil engineering are Adela Tapia, Crystal Trujillo and Raquel Barrera.

Chemical engineering representatives are Cory Mizell, Shelly Vigil and Tamar Sisneros. Electrical and computer engineering is represented by Dan Harberts, Luis E. Medina and Travis Burkhard.

Engineering technology representatives are Dorothy Lanphere and Samuel D. King.

Representing industrial engineering are Barbara Andrea Lugo and Justin Marcak.

Mechanical and aerospace engineering representatives are Gwynne Skaggs Ryan, Johanna Cecava, Juan Carlos Gomez, Kelly Hall, Krystal Deines, Matthew Haines, Miguel Caballero, Oscar Torres Olague, Eloy Marquez and Ricardo Medina.

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