David Voelz named Klipsch Professor

By Tracey O’Neil

David G. Voelz, associate professor, recently received the Paul W. and Valerie Klipsch Professorship in the Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Voelz was awarded the professorship in recognition of his leadership and achievements- an award made possible by the generous contributions from Paul W. Klipsch, a celebrated audio pioneer who revolutionized the way the world listens to recorded music, and his wife, Valerie Klipsch.

David Voelz

Dr. David G. Voelz was recently named Klipsch Professor

“David has lots of good ideas. He is a good experimentalist and very involved in his teaching,” Department Head Stephen Horan of the Klipsh School of Electrical and Computer Engineering said. “David is the kind of person, I think, Paul Klipsh would be proud to see to receive this honor.”

Voelz joined the faculty at NMSU in 2001. He is a fellow of the Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers, and has received awards from Air Force Research Laboratory, the Air Force, the Optical Society of America and the College of Engineering at NMSU for his technical contributions.

Voelz has been a principal investigator for six research grants and co-principal investigator for nine grants. He developed an interdisciplinary research program with the NMSU astronomy department with two National Science Foundation grants and one NMSU mini grant. He is currently conducting research in the areas of free-space laser communications, spectral and polarization imaging, adaptive optics, and laser beam control.

Voelz is the principal investigator for the Electro-Optical Research Laboratory within the Klipsch School. The specialized courses he teaches include optical sources and detectors, lasers, Fourier methods in electro-optics, and electro-optical system design.

Voelz spent his childhood in Idaho Falls, ID, and later moved to Los Alamos, NM, during his middle and high school years. He received his B.S. in electrical engineering from NMSU in 1981 with the help of a scholarship from the Physical Science Laboratory. He received an M.S. and Ph.D. in electrical engineering in 1983 and 1987 respectively from the University of Illinois. He worked for the Air Force Research Laboratory in Albuquerque from 1987 to 2001 in optical imaging, laser imaging and laser beam projection.

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