NMSU to help Albuquerque Sunport with solar heat and power

The state of New Mexico Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Department has awarded $330,000 to the NMSU College of Engineering Institute on Energy and the Environment’s Southwest Technology Development Institute to developing a solar combined heat and power system for the city of Albuquerque Sunport. This solar energy system under sunny conditions will provide 25 tons of space cooling, along with 13 kW of electrical energy production for the city of Albuquerque Sunport Facility. NMSU is working closely with HelioDynamics, a California solar energy company that is the main system integrator. The system uses heliostat mirrors to heat up fluid for heating and absorption cooling. The system is also coupled with photovoltaic cells to generate electrical power. This will be the first large scale demonstration of this technology in the U.S.


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