NMSU joins the world of Myspace.com

By Bob Nosbisch

Myspace.com is a wildly popular Website for both teens and adults to catch up with friends and find the latest music and videos.  Now, it also is a place where the millions of people who visit each day can find out more about New Mexico State University.

This week NMSU officially launched www.myspace.com/gonmsu.  The site is designed for everyone, but is geared predominantly toward current, former and potential students.

“NMSU’s MySpace presence will increase awareness of what the university has to offer by presenting information in a fun, authentic and relevant way,” said Frank Torres, an NMSU marketing assistant/Web developer who helped put together the project.

The site provides information about academic programs, campus life, upcoming sporting events and other NMSU-related topics.  It also features audio, video and person-to-person communication.

During the three-month testing phase of NMSU’s Myspace page, more than 1,600 visitors from more than 220 cities in 10 countries visited the site.  NMSU also has accumulated nearly 300 “Myspace friends.”  A Myspace friend is a person with a Myspace profile who requests to be part of another Myspace user’s network.  Friends are then able to post messages on one another’s site.

“It makes sense for us to be on Myspace, because that’s where a large part of a university’s audience is,” said Justin Bannister, an NMSU communications specialist who worked on the project.  “Go to any computer lab on campus and you’ll see students on Myspace.  Plus, research we’ve found shows 60 to 70 percent of high school students aged 15 to 17 have profiles on social networking sites like Myspace.  Those are people thinking about college, so we want to show them what NMSU has to offer.”

In addition to information posted on NMSU’s page, the university also can send information on important university events to Myspace friends through bulletins and interact with friends through Myspace email.

Torres said he believes NMSU can eventually make more than 10,000 Myspace friends.  As a long-term goal, Torres said he would like to see more NMSU-related Myspace pages put together by different colleges and departments, using the current NMSU Myspace page as a model.

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