Aggie Ingeniero, October 2016

08/15/16: New dean of the NMSU College of Engineering Lakshmi N. Reddi (Photo by Victoria Palombit)

Message from the Dean

As I take helm as the NMSU Dean of Engineering, it is becoming increasingly clear that our unique strength is student-focus. Student development and learning remain the focus not only of our faculty but also of our alumni. At my first Homecoming week on campus, I met several of our dedicated alumni who are advocating for more initiatives to strengthen our student focus. I suggested that we facilitate learning communities and undertake an integrated approach to present all of our student advising, mentoring and development activities so that they are synergistic with classroom learning. As simple as this may seem, it involves major paradigm shifts. It brings human touch to our student interactions, places the student (not teacher) at the center of our activities, and learning (not teaching) as the central goal. Its premise is that cognitive learning skills are best developed when augmented with inter- and intra-personal skills. Learning environments in a community framework will also lead to improved student retention, which is very critical at freshmen and sophomore levels. I look forward to sharing with you in future our progress on this and other initiatives.

Thank you for being a member of our Aggie Ingeniero community.

Lakshmi N. Reddi
College of Engineering Dean

October 2016



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