Aggie Ingeniero, October 2009

Two interim department heads named in the College of Engineering

Two faculty members have been named as interim department heads to lead the NMSU civil engineering and electrical and computer engineering departments.

Paul Furth will serve as interim department head for the electrical and computer engineering. Furth replaces Steve Horan, who recently retired and is now employed at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va.

Adrian Hanson will serve as interim for the civil engineering department replacing Ricardo Jacquez, who was recently appointed as interim associate provost at NMSU.

Kenneth White, interim dean of the College of Engineering, said he has confidence that Hanson and Furth will lead their departments with the same determination to succeed as their predecessors. White said he is confident Hanson will utilize is a willingness to advocate for both the students and faculty.

“Adrian Hanson brings a lot of experience,” White said. “He has been an outspoken advocate for the students and gives them a good opportunity for a great education.”

In August, Hanson celebrated 20 years at NMSU where he is a professor of environmental engineering. Throughout the years, he has conducted research on water treatment and hazardous waste treatment and removal, evaluations, testing and environmental impact studies. Hanson received his master’s in civil and environmental engineering from the University of Wisconsin Madison and his doctorate in sanitary engineering from Iowa State.

Although Hanson now serves as a department head and as a professor, he views each position as equally rewarding.

“It’s just another opportunity to serve the students and faculty,” Hanson said. White said he recognizes that same conviction in Furth and believes that he will lead his department with a positive perspective. “I think Paul Furth will do a good job. He brings a lot of enthusiasm to the position and he’ll do a good job leading the department,” White said.

This year marked Furth’s 14th year as a professor at NMSU where he continues to teach in addition to leading the electrical and computer engineering department. He has worked as a designer and project engineer at laboratories and facilities throughout the United States. Furth received his master’s and doctorate in electrical engineering from Johns Hopkins University.

As a professor, Furth has taught several basic electrical engineering courses as well as courses in digital and analog integrated circuit design.

With his newly appointed position, Furth has set his sights on the spring semester with plans to increase selection of courses offered for electrical and computer engineering.

“The department wants to offer more classes, more online classes. A year from now we want to offer an online master’s degree program,” Furth said.

Furth spent the first few days in his new position talking with staff and students gathering suggestions on needed improvement.

“I’ve been living in the real world the past few weeks. It’s been really challenging,” Furth said.

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