Aggie, Ingeniero July 2010


Civil engineering student receives $10,000 scholarship from copper industry

Sarah Williamson, a senior studying civil engineering at NMSU, has been awarded a $10,000 scholarship by the Copper Club, an organization that promotes the copper industry.

Williamson, from Farmington, NM, plans to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering with an emphasis in environmental engineering in Dec. 2010.  She has already been accepted to begin the environmental engineering master’s program at NMSU in spring 2011.

“Eventually, I’d like to go on to get my Ph.D. and teach and continue with my research,” said Williamson.

“My family is in the oil and gas industry, so I am familiar with the mining industry,” she said. “My research has been on the removal of arsenic and other contaminants from water and waste management is a big issue for the mining industry.”

Williamson has been employed by the civil engineering department since her freshman year.  She worked on several research projects under the tutelage of civil engineering faculty members. She is currently a civil engineering teaching assistant for an environmental engineering laboratory class, a position she has held since the fall 2008 semester.

“The experience gained in hands-on field research has proven to be immeasurable, and I hope to use my undergraduate research experiences as a foundation for my graduate school studies,” she said.

Williamson has also been active in student organizations. She has held leadership positions in the NMSU student chapter of the Society of Women Engineers and she is a member of the Concrete Canoe team.

The Copper Club Educational Grants Program assists exceptional students in preparing for careers in fields related to maintenance and expansion of the copper industry. Participating institutions are invited to submit one scholarship application a year. Each grant is $10,000 and is awarded to students who demonstrate academic excellence and financial need. To date, 41 grants have been awarded from the Copper Club Educational Fund, established in 1994.

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