Aggie Ingeniero, July 2007

El Paso Electric contributes $50,000 to NMSU College of Engineering

El Paso Electric Company recently made its second $50,000 contribution to the New Mexico State University College of Engineering for the establishment of the William Kersting Endowed Chair in Power Systems Engineering.

The contribution will go toward a $1 million endowment to support the Electric Utility Management Program (EUMP) in the College of Engineering. Last year, El Paso Electric launched the endowment fund with an initial gift of $50,000 and a pledge for a total $250,000 contribution.

EUMP offers the only degree program that combines engineering education with training in economics and management to produce industry leaders for the electric utility industry. The program is part of the College of Engineering’s Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

The chair is named for Professor Emeritus William Kersting, who founded the university’s Electric Utility Management Program in 1967.

“Many of our valued employees were students of Professor Kersting and our company has benefited from his leadership and research in the areas of utility operations. Today, NMSU’s research leadership in the areas of distributed generation and renewable energy as well as their continued leadership in the field of utility operations will help advance this country’s goal of achieving energy independence and continue to provide our company with a pipeline of talented and creative employees,” said El Paso Electric President and CEO Ershel C. Redd, Jr.

“NMSU is one of a handful of engineering colleges in the country that still teach electrical power engineering,” said El Paso Electric Vice President of New Mexico Affairs  and EUMP alumnus R. Clay Doyle. “Electrical power engineering may not be as glamorous as some of the new alternative energy fields, but it’s still exciting and there is a great demand for electrical power engineers throughout the country.”

Earnings from this endowment will be used to sustain and expand the program’s expertise in electric power systems. The funds will provide support for the faculty member who holds the Kersting Chair and to outstanding graduate and undergraduate students in electric power systems engineering.

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