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Dr. Vojin Oklodbzija

Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering welcomes Vojin G. Oklobdzija as department head

Vojin G. Oklobdzija has joined the NMSU Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering as academic department head. A search committee selected Oklobdzija this past spring and he started his new post in January.

Oklobdzija is an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Fellow, IEEE Distinguished Lecturer, Vice-President of Technical Activities for IEEE Circuits and Systems Society and Member of the Board of Governors. Additionally, he directs the Advanced Computer System Engineering Laboratory.

“Professor Oklobdzija brings with him an immense amount of computer engineering knowledge, research program experience and links with industry. He will make an excellent leader for the Klipsch School and has the ability to further develop an already great department,” said College of Engineering Dean Ricardo B. Jacquez.

“My goal is to make NMSU’s electrical and computer engineering program the MIT of Southwest, in particular for Hispanic and Native American students,” said Oklobdzija.

Oklobdzija spent 10 years at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center where he made contributions to the development of early RISC processors, super-scalar and supercomputer design. His patent on register renaming enabled an entire new generation of modern computers as used today.

After leaving IBM, Oklobdzija held various academic positions such as: IBM visiting faculty member at the University of California at Berkeley, professor of computer engineering at the University of California Davis, chair professor at Sydney University and professor at the University of Texas in Dallas. He served as a consultant to: Sun Microsystems, Bell Laboratories, Texas Instruments, Hitachi, Fujitsu, SONY, Intel, Samsung and Siemens Corp. He holds 15 U.S., six European, six Japanese and six international patents.

Oklobdzija is serving on the IEEE Fellow Committee and is actively involved in IEEE as organizer. He served as the associate editor of IEEE Transaction on Computers, IEEE Transactions on VLSI, IEEE Transaction on Circuits and Systems II and the Journal of VLSI Signal Processing, ISSCC program committee, First Asian A-SSCC, International Symposium on Low-Power Design, Computer Arithmetic, ICCD, PATMOS and numerous other conference committees. He was a General Chair of the 13th Symposium on Computer Arithmetic (1997) and will be again in 2011, Technical Program Chair (2009) and General Chair (2010) for the International Symposium on Low-Power Design.

Oklobdzija has more than 200 publications, including six books and dozen of book chapters in the areas of circuits and technology, computer arithmetic and computer architecture.  His book “Computer Engineering” won Outstanding Academic Title award out of 22,000 titles considered and is currently in second edition. He has given more than 200 invited talks and short courses in the USA, Europe, Latin America, Australia, China and Japan. He is fluent in Spanish and has made many trips to teach and help technology development in South America.

Oklobdzija received Dipl. Ing. degree in Electrical Engineering in 1971, and a master’s of science and doctoral degree from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1978 and 1982.

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