Professional Master of Engineering: Chemical Process Industry


The MECPI is a coursework and project-based (non-thesis) degree with added emphasis on business characteristics of the chemical process industry. MECPI students will spend a calendar year performing a detailed economic and market analysis of the capstone problem as assigned in CHME 455 (Chemical Plant Design). Students who elect to pursue the MECPI must have a BSCHE (including the simulation sequence of 352L, 452L, and 455L, or equivalent training) and have completed ACCT 251/252 and ECON 251G/252G.

The MECPI requires a total of 32 credit hours and can be completed in three academic semesters beginning from the fall semester and including the summer of study. MECPI students will complete the core graduate CHME courses (14 credit hours) one CHME technical elective (3 credit hours), three MECPI Business/Economics/Management (BEM) electives (9 credit hours), and the 6-credit-hour CPI analysis sequence CHME 555(3) / 556(1) / 557(2).

MECPI candidates must submit the product of their CHME 557 analysis for publication in an appropriate journal identified during CHME 596 CPI Research. If a journal article is not ready for submission by the fall semester of year 2, the student will be required to continue CHME 596 until the article is submitted.

Deficiencies in Undergraduate Preparation

Each student admitted to the MECPI program who has an undergraduate degree in a discipline other than chemical engineering must schedule a meeting with the CHME Department Head to identify the undergraduate course deficiencies the student must take to obtain a graduate degree in chemical engineering. The CHME Department Head will place a record in the student’s file that clearly identifies each required deficiency course.  In some cases, preparatory coursework must be completed prior to admission.

Each undergraduate deficiency course must be passed with a minimum grade of B.

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Dr. Rolfe Sassenfeld


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