In Memoriam: Harold David Cunningham, Sr.

Harold David Cunningham, Sr. born in Arrey NM 12-10-1926 to Mary Catherine Sloan and Middleton David Cunningham, died in Santa Fe NM 12-04-2017 at his home. It was a good long run, his last words, “Is it over yet?” Harold loved nature, red chile, pecans, faith, tennis, animals and birds, his dogs, mountains, canyons and red rocks of Utah, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona, humor, sharing history and memories, education, his beloved family and treasured friends. He was a proud and longtime REECo and EG&G employee and employer in NM and Las Vegas NV. Please toast our father over a red chile enchilada; we know he would want you to remember him with volunteerism and contributions to saving our public lands, environment, equality, humanity and animal welfare. Harold and Cynthia Margaret Wimberly met at Las Cruces High School, attended New Mexico College of Agriculture & Mechanic Arts together and continued a deep connection with NMSU through their lives; and were married until her death in 1988. Harold and Jean Alice Colgan Gartner met on a tennis court in Santa Fe and were companions until her death in 2011. His family of survivors includes Frank Wimberly Cunningham (Portland OR), Catherine Sloan Cunningham (Santa Fe NM), Harold David Cunningham Jr (Santa Fe NM), grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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