Help for Engineering Students

The first week of all-online classes has come and gone. How has your transition been? Things are obviously quite different right now and while some of you are enjoying this transition (going to class in pajamas is probably nice) others of you may be struggling with this new format.

I am just reminding you that there are a lot of resources available to you to help you get through this semester and to stay on track with graduation.

  • The Eloy Torrez Family Engineering Learning Communities is still here for you to help you with any problems you are having. If you are having trouble in a class you can visit our website to get tutoring help. Also, this week we are rolling out a drop-in tutoring program where you can log in to Zoom and get help with a problem on the spot. We will have our drop-in tutoring session open Monday through Thursday from 8am to 5pm and on Friday from 8 am to 3pm. You can also schedule an appointment with a tutor for help after hours.
  • Your professors are always there to help you with logistical support with their classes and how assignments are going to be graded and submitted. Utilize your professors for support.
  • Your advisors are working diligently to ensure that you can stay on track with graduation. Advisors are scheduling appointments to trouble-shoot any issues that come up with your courses and your degree plan. So contact your advisor today and set up your appointment to make sure that you stay on track to graduate.
  • Me. That’s right you can also contact me if you have any issues (technology issues, scheduling issues, issues with who to contact with various problems). I am constantly checking my email and have forwarded my office number to my cell phone so you should be able to contact me any time.


  • How to join our drop-in tutoring sessions:
  1. Go to the ELC website (
  2. Find the weekly tutoring schedule (ELCsprings2020schedule.xlsx)
  3. Find a time when a tutor from your major is working
  4. Login in to Zoom and join the ELC conversation (meeting ID: 471-430-2228).

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