Department of Civil Engineering

Engineering Complex 1 and Hernandez Hall

Fully accredited by the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology, the Department of Civil Engineering offers specializations in environmental, general civil, geotechnical, structural and water resources engineering. Graduates from the program are well prepared to be licensed, practicing professional civil engineers. The department is housed in Hernandez Hall with additional facilities located in Engineering Complex I and Engineering Complex III. Hernandez Hall is named in honor of Dr. John Hernandez, a former Dean of the College of Engineering from 1975-1980 and professor emeritus. Dr. Hernandez was named an honorary member of the oldest national engineering society in the U.S. , the American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE).

04/16/2014: Civil engineering doctoral student Zach Stoll works in Pei Xu's laboratory. (Photo by Darren Phillips)
Engineering Complex I, Room 1364846Hydraulics Lab$150,000
Engineering Complex I, Room 138-394044Material Testing Lab$150,000
Engineering Complex I, Room 2181010SWAT Lab$75,000
Engineering Complex I, Room 219447Graduate Research Lab$50,000
Ed and Harold Foreman Engineering Complex, Room 1081136Freeport McMoran Water LabN/A
Ed and Harold Foreman Engineering Complex, Room 1651024Soils Lab$100,000
Hernandez Hall Room 1031170Martin V. Trujillo ClassroomN/A
Hernandez Hall Room 106689Classroom$100,000
Hernandez Hall Room 109663Classroom$100,000
Hernandez Hall Room 1101125Classroom$150,000
Hernandez Hall Room 114A382Student Organization Offices$25,000
Hernandez Hall Room 114B1211CAGE Student Lounge$25,000
Hernandez Hall Room 115572Bridge Evaluation Laboratory$50,000
Hernandez Hall Room 124846Water Resources Lab$75,000
Hernandez Hall Room 1251551Computer Lab$150,000
Hernandez Hall Room 129497Tri-axial Lab$50,000
Hernandez Hall Room 1301235Soil & Rock Lab$100,000
Hernandez Hall Room 217488Bridge Inspection Center$50,000
Hernandez Hall Room 224672Graduate Lab$50,000
Hernandez Hall Room 2261563John W. Clark Environmental Engreering Research LabN/A
Hernandez Hall Room 2281232J.V. Lunsford Environmental LabN/A
Hernandez Hall Room 236434Water Resources Graduate Computer Lab$50,000
Hernandez Hall Room 240 A900Classroom$100,000
Hernansez Hall Room 240 B928Classroom$100,000