Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Jett Hall

Fully accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, the Department of Mechanical Engineering provides students education in design, manufacturing and skills necessary to operate a wide range of mechanical components, devices and systems. The department also offers the state’s only degree in aerospace engineering. The department is located in Jett Hall (JH), which is named in honor of Dr. Daniel B. Jett. Dr. Jett served as the Dean of the College of Engineering from 1938-1947.
Jett Hall 13817Freshman Projects Lab$75,000
Jett Hall 16706Solid Mechanics Lab$75,000
Jett Hall 181161Thermal Sciences Lab$100,000
Jett Hall 19154X Ray Lab$25,000
Jett Hall 21683PC Lab$50,000
Jett Hall 22642Remote Robotics Lab$50,000
Jett Hall H1002213Atrium$150,000
Jett Hall 103840General Motors Engineering ClassroomN/A
Jett Hall 104315Classroom$100,000
Jett Hall 105486Classroom$100,000
Jett Hall 106383ClassroomClassroom
Jett Hall 108618ME Faculty Lounge$25,000
Jett Hall 172/A675Welding & Fabrication Lab$50,000
Jett Hall 203865Classroom$100,000
Jett Hall 204885Classroom$100,000
Jett Hall 205755Classroom$100,000
Jett Hall 207435Classroom$100,000
Jett Hall 208432Classroom$100,000
Jett Hall 209878Classroom$100,000
Jett Hall 210473Classroom$100,000
Jett Hall 211397Classroom$100,000
Jett Hall 212373ME Academy Room$25,000
Jett Hall 502963ME Student Lounge$25,000
Jett Hall 503669CAD/CAE Lab$50,000
Jett Hall 504/504A355Computational Mechanics Lab$50,000
Jett Hall 505725Advanced Interconnection Lab$75,000
Jett Hall 506A/B716Combustion Lab$75,000
Jett Hall 507/507A267Imaging Lab$25,000
Jett Hall 508393Graduate Students Offices$15,000
Jett Hall 509399Materials Science Lab$50,000
Jett Hall 510A253Materials Science Lab$25,000
Jett Hall 601900Design Lab$75,000
Jett Hall 6021108Instrumentation Lab$100,000
Jett Hall 603531Graduate Student Offices$25,000
Jett Hall 6041593Raymond Willem Design LabN/A
Jett Hall 606482Graduate Student Offices$15,000
Jett Hall 607496Composite Materials Lab$50,000
Jett Hall 608633Mechatronics and Robiotics Lab$50,000
Jett Hall 003 A/B1904ME Machine Shop$150,000
Jett Hall 001 A/B2763Aeronautics Lab$150,000